Belgium Update!

Here is a quick update to all my important people!
Lots of issues with the bike, leg, and other nonsense leading into today. This morning, got out for a nice hour ride and then came back and Chaun and I spent another hour making adjustments to the bike. We got a fairly good setup for the time trial considering it was a road bike. This gave me a bit more confidence.
It was very rainy and wet, the course has a couple really intense down hills and the last Kilometer is a really steep fast downhill which then turns to a cobblestone st and takes a sharp left up a cobbled hill to the finish (so bumpy my water bottle fell out on the finish climb).
I ended up 4th place, missing the podium by 12 seconds and missing the win by about 42 seconds. Considering all the time I lost in the first 8k (which was mostly flat) from not having a TT bike, and being a bit timid on the decents, I was  quite happy.
Rode my heart out, just dindn’t have quite the perfect equipment and didnt know the course well enough, but considering, I was very happy.
Thanks to everyone for all your help!
P.S Just saw the sun for the first time…

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